About Us

The Makers Institute was created by Andrew & Anderson back in 2016, when the two mates started their skincare business. They were selling mostly through their online store & some pop-up markets, but quickly realised that many customers would love if they can also purchase the products in-store, where they can touch & feel and experience them.

They started approaching physical stores to have their products in-store. However, most retail stores were not willing to purchase their new products at wholesale price, or they would charge a high commission fee for selling the products on a consignment basis. Setting up their own store was too much of an investment for them at that stage, as that would require lots of money to cover the shop rental, outgoings, staff wages etc.

That is how The Makers Institute was started – a unique concept store where new and emerging artists and crafters only require to pay a small monthly fee, and they are able present & showcase their works in a comfortable retail environment, with dedicated staff members to help promote & sell their products 7 days a week. The makers can then focus on what’s important – which is continue to produce the products they are passionate about.

At The Makers Institute, we strongly believe that great ideas & creative products should be presented to the world – and we are proud to provide a platform for that.

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